In order to operate a forklift safely, an operator needs to anticipate and pay careful attention at all times to maintain control. This class is broken up into 3 Modules:

1) Pre-Operation

2) Traveling and Maneuvering

3) Load Handling

Pre-operation is the stage where you will identifying any potential issues. A Forklift that needs repaired, is defective, or unsafe, needs to be removed from service immediately. The issues should be logged and a supervisor should be informed right away. Operators can operate forklifts as long as they have the training and have been evaluated in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.178(l).

Traveling and Maneuvering: Forklift operators must follow safe operating rules at all times. Operators must always maintain control of the forklift, keep a proper lookout, and operate the forklift at speeds safe for the particular operation and worksite conditions.

Load Handling: Forklifts are used for picking up, transporting, stacking and unstacking loads. The following are safe operating rules for each step of safe load handling: